Hey!  I’m So Glad You Decided To stop by!

Let me officially introduce myself.  I am a 47-year-old mother of an 9 and 10-year old, step-mother of a 24-year-old, wife to an energetic risk-taker and a citizen of the world of work-at-home Moms!
Since childhood, I’ve been into various aspects of the arts. I enjoy choreographing dances, being in singing groups, sketching, writing & creating music, video production and graphic design.   Also, since childhood, I’ve been very intentional about stretching a dollar – always prioritizing my spending and looking for a good bargain. Interestingly, this characteristic tends to set the tone for a lot of what happens in my world.
That said, I have gained many insights into what it takes to live on less and enjoy doing it!

What I do everyday isn’t so different from most people, but, by nature I am extremely frugal (some say cheap) and I tend to approach everything with a cost efficiency mindset.  This leads me to get really creative!  I’m all about Do-It-Yourself, especially because…you can!  There’s so much that you can do yourself and have fun doing it while saving money and being really intentional about how you spend your money!

On this site you’ll find repurposing projects, budgeting and expense tracking tips and tools, money-saving hacks, inspiration to keep you moving in the right direction, free and useful printables, video tutorials and anything you can think of to help you stay on track in your frugal journey.

Welcome to my world and thank you for letting me be a part of yours!