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As a frugal person, there are 3 main places I shop for my house – that’s Amazon, Walmart and the Dollar Tree.  Out of those three, the Dollar Tree is the only one that doesn’t have your usual online shopping platform, where you can just order what you want in the quantities you want.  You have to order items in bulk.  When I first discovered this I was like well I’ll just keep shopping in the store which is fine because there’s so many dollar trees in my area.  But then a couple years ago I was trying to find this one item and I went to 5 dollar trees and none of them had it so I realized that the only way I was going to get it, was to order it online.  It was this wire shelf.  When I saw that the minimum you could purchase was 4 I though that was cool because I have a number of places in my house where I can use one of these.  But then I started looking around on the site and realized that there are a variety of items that might be worth buying in bulk from dollar tree.  Plus, because they also have a physical store, you can avoid delivery costs by having the items shipped to the store and just going there to pick it up.

So I’m going to show you 5 items that I think are completely worth buying in bulk from the dollar tree because of the variety of ways you can use them around your house.

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Wire Cabinet Shelves

The first item I bought online, as I said, were these Essentials White Wire Cabinet Shelves.  The minimum you can purchase is 4 so I bought 8 of them and used them everywhere!  I put one on my desk, to make my supplies more stackable, I put them on top of my book case to organize by craft supplies, I used one to create this convenient tea and coffee center, I put them in my kitchen cabinets to help categorize by pantry items and make them more accessible. They do a great job of helping you utilize all that unused vertical space.

Woven-Style Baskets

The next item that I think is great to purchase in bulk from Dollar Tree are these Deep rectangular woven-style baskets with handles!  Online you have more color variety than in any one DT location and you can choose a color or even a different style basket that fits your décor.  You do have to buy a minimum of 24.   But, in my house, between just the living room and kitchen alone, I used about 20 of them.  In the living room, I use them to organize some of my craft supplies, or hold my sons video game accessories.  In the kitchen, I categorized my pantry foods, printed some labels and used the baskets to organize my kitchen cabinets.  I use them to store produce on the kitchen counter as well as my counter-top cleaning supplies.  In my bedroom and bathroom they hold little odds and ends or help to keep the cabinets neat or hold other essentials. They’re so functional and decorative and if I have some left over, I can use them as the base for a gift basket and they’re also great to have on hand to hold paper goods and condiments when you have company over.

Collapsible Cloth Storage Bins

These Essentials Tan Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles  are another item that I would recommend buying from Dollar Tree online.  You can buy these in multiples of 4, and, again, they can be utilized everywhere in the house.  These are the 10.5 x 11 size bins so they fit well in standard book cases and on shelves to hold whatever you have to store like kids school supplies, socks, books, toys, whatever.

Picture Frames

Another item that I have purchased in bulk are Picture Frames.  I started a portrait wall since my kids get school pictures almost every year so I know I’m using multiples of the same picture frame.  So why not get a bunch of them.  These 8x10 Special Moments Two-Tone Matted Black Plastic Picture Frames come in a minimum quantity of 6 which works perfectly – its not too many.  But you can also use them to display your own art or some printable art Or you can apply hooks to them for some unique and decorative wall storage.  And again, the dollar tree has tons of different picture frames to choose from.

Removable Hooks

There is no reason, in all of the world, not to buy Removable Hooks in bulk.  I just keep a bunch of these in a box because I always seem to need them somewhere in the house.  You do have to buy a minimum of 24 packs and all 24 packs would all be the same size hook.  You can buy 1-lb, 2-lb or 3-lb hooks in terms of the weight they can hold.  I can’t say that I’ve scientifically tested the weight but I have tried to use appropriately weighted items for the hooks and they have held up really well.  I used the 2lb hooks to hang my tea cups on the side of the cabinet, the 1-lb hooks to hang small baskets on the inside of the cabinet door to store cup lids, I used the 3lb hooks to hang my dollar tree shower caddies to store my contact paper.  I think the 2-lb size which comes in a pack of three would be the best to start off with since they’re not too small, not too large they’re going to offer the most versatility to get you started.

Now even though it says they are removable, you have to be very careful when pulling them off because I tried removing one from my wall and it pulled the paint off.  So I would recommend these for placement on wood, metal, glass, plastic or even on a painted surface if you don’t plan on removing them any time in the near future or you don’t mind the ensuing damage.

Free Shipping

Now, you might be concerned that the shipping will nullify the savings you achieve by shopping at the Dollar Tree.  But for all of these items, you can avoid any delivery fees just by having them shipped to the store for pickup.  You can order your items online, then choose a store near you to have the items shipped there.  So while other shoppers are combing the shelves for for their favorites, hoping they have as many as they need, you can just walk in, give your name and walk out with your haul!  And there's absolutely no charge for the shipping!

There are so many things that you can buy in bulk from Dollar Tree that would work great for home organization to crafting.   Just browse around, see what you can find, get really creative and have some fun!

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