When is the best time to shop for clothes?

The end of the season is definitely the best time to buy clothing.  As stores are making room for spring attire, you’re sure to find great deals on sweaters and coats that you may still be able to wear into the early part of Spring.  Summer items like tank tops, swimsuits, sandals and cover ups will be deeply discounted in September and October.  This is also the perfect time to get deals on seasonal outdoor items like camping equipment, pool toys and sports gear.

My favorite is to buy Christmas’s decorations at the end of the holiday season.  For years, I wanted to get one of those projector lights to put outside of my house that shine on the wall but I would always just decide not to spend the money and work with my old decorations.  Then a few years ago I was in Walmart a week after the new year and saw one on sale for $6! That was an 85% discount!! Of course, I snatched it up and it has been the best addition to my holiday décor. Plus, because it projects a variety of colors, I use for other holidays throughout the year and indoors for my kids' birthday parties!

When possible, exercise a little patience, wait for the big sales and take full advantage of them. There is a prime season for many items, and a big sale on those items when the season is over.

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